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Private Prenatal Classes

One-on-one individual breastfeeding class. Most mothers can expect to have breastfeeding go just fine, even without the expertise of a lactation consultant. During a prenatal breastfeeding consultation, we discuss your goals and expectations of breastfeeding, your worries and develop a plan for how to address any specific concerns or challenges you may face.

Telephone/Email Consultation

The cost of the initial consultation is deducted from the charge for a home visit or video-conference.

There are free resources in most communities to assist breastfeeding mothers with basic breastfeeding challenges – see the Resources Page. If your question can be resolved with an information sheet or a referral to a community resource, then there is no charge. (So don’t be afraid to call!)

Home Visit

If your concern cannot be resolved with a referral in the community or a telephone consultation, a visit at home is often the most effective next step.

In our first appointment, we will:

  1. discuss your short-term and long-term goals for breastfeeding
  2. review your family’s health history and any current recommendations from other health-care providers
  3. assess how feeding is going for you and your baby
  4. identify the barriers to meeting your short-term goals
  5. make a written plan for the next several days and book a follow-up

In addition to the written plan, I’ll provide a summary of our visit to your midwife, physician or other care provider and referrals to any other providers that may be helpful in your family’s care.

Appointment times vary depending on your needs and the readiness of the baby to show us how s/he is breastfeeding.


An in-person visit is the most effective way to assess what’s going on with breastfeeding difficulties and make a plan. In an ideal world, every community in the country would have qualified breastfeeding professionals to deal with the more complex situations that arise. I offer this service to families who have certain types of breastfeeding problems that they cannot address in their community.

We cover the same ground as with a home visit with more frequent follow-up. There are some circumstances that cannot be handled via video conference.

Cost Approx. Time Cost
Telephone/Email Consultation 20-30 min $25
Home Visit (initial) 1.5-2.5 hours $250
Home Visit (follow-up) 1 hour $100
Video Conference 1 hour $50
Prenatal Class/Consultation 1.5 hours $125

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