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From my inbox (edited to remove personal references):

“Thanks for the follow up call today – I can’t tell you how relieved I am that all is working out in the world of breastfeeding.  As I said on the phone I really appreciate you being a large part of the success – okay, I would still be engorged and crying if it weren’t for you” – S. (April 2012)

” Michelle’s consultation allowed me to reach my goal of exclusively breastfeeding my newborn daughter. I think without Michelle’s help I could not have reached this goal. Michelle’s home visits and recommendations turned our situation around and I am so very glad I called. Thanks again so much! ” – M. (April 2012)

” Thank you, thank you! We’ve had a good couple days now and it feels like the corner is being turned! I’m healing and finally am able to look forward to feeding time, instead of dreading it.” – K. (April 2012)

” Latch Lactation provided extremely helpful advice and gave me the confidence I needed to continue my efforts to express milk. The advice to give my daughter the milk from an open cup (since she wasn’t taking the bottle) worked brilliantly! I’m so grateful for the advice and support.” – P. (February 2012)

” Thanks again for the advice about the vitamin D drops. It’s working great – no more fighting!” – F. (January 2012)

” This was exactly what I needed. We are going to the doctor again this week, but I already know what the scale will show because you showed me the way to see it. If only someone else had told me this, we would saved so many tears!” – N. (December 2011)

” I feel so much better after your visit. I didn’t even realize I had so many questions. Thank you for staying and sending me all the links we talked about.” – C. (December 2011)

” I can’t believe what a difference it is – I wish I had called sooner!” – S. (November 2011)

” Things are still going great – and I am so grateful to know that if they don’t I can still email you. Thank you!” – S. (October 2011)

” Big thank you again for your tremendous support! I would be lost w/out your advice!” N. (October 2011)

” Thank you so much coming out again over the weekend! I feel like we have turned it around and are on an upswing.  I appreciate your visit very much and learned a lot from you.” – C. (August 2011)

” Thank you very much for keeping in touch and checking up on me. Everything is going well for now. I went to the doctor again and everything went well. It really helped me that you showed me how to latch the day before because it was something new to me and I was always shown a different way. Thank you so much for all of your assistance!” – L. (September 2011)

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